How our platform works? | Video reference

How it works?

REF.VIDEO is a reference database for creative specialists of all kind. We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to make your life easier and helping search references in a fastest way.
At the heart of everything are complex algorithms that process all videos. We use computer vision and neural networks, which quickly learn and with each new frame recognize more and more objects, colors, locations and contexts.

For example, to find a frame with a girl, in the search box, just enter the word girl

We can add an action to this request, something like a dance, in order to look for references in a specific direction of the shooting girl dance

To cut off the excess, we can clarify that the girl in the frame should be alone. Let’s add tag "one" girl dance one

If you already have thoughts on lighting or colors, we can indicate this in many ways. For instance we put dark in the request. girl dance one dark

As a result, for the exact search of references you need to add some describe in queries, but also to make it simple so that the search engine can understand them.
Word order is not important, and you can add humanity to your search. With our request it may look like this: one girl dance in the dark
The request will work out, but the output will not change.
Put likes to your favorite references so you’ll never lose them. Add them to your projects and share with your customers.