Synonyms and search hints

Jan 21, 2022 3 min read

At the moment, we are good at helping to cope with the search for references. Our platform, of course, still lacks a lot and we are constantly working to improve everything - from functionality and reference base to algorithms and inconspicuous technical features. For example, we know for sure that it is worth improving the work of the search engine itself, the recognition of your search queries and, in general, the direction of the natural language and its relationship with neural networks. In this short article we will talk about synonyms - the little that we can offer you today to simplify your work with the platform.

Now, if you enter some extraordinary request to search for styles, our algorithms may not understand it. To prevent this, when entering a query in a line, we will show hints - this is called Livesearch. Like Google Suggest, Livesearch technology performs the function of autocomplete the search bar in real time. And according to the prompts that we give you, firstly, you immediately see the number of frames that will be shown in the search results and, secondly, when choosing such a prompt, you are guaranteed to get a result and will not stumble upon an empty page of shots. Of course, hints do not save a situation in 100% of cases, because they may not take into account some kind of declension of a word or an unusual form of a verb - anything can happen.

Therefore, we have introduced additional functionality called synonyms. If you entered a request, skipping the prompts, and we could not find the shots and the search results turned out to be empty, then we will apologize for this together with our cute mascot and show synonyms for the request you entered. And these will not be just words, but a full-fledged preview of the shots that will appear for each synonym, as well as the number of frames that are available for this word. Then it's up to you to decide whether such a synonym can save the situation or whether it's not at all what you need.

Of course, it also happens that we have not found synonyms, and then the only thing we can offer you is a hint of what could have gone wrong. For example, we recommend that you check your search query for grammatical and spelling errors. If everything is in order with this, then you can try to simplify or reformulate the query so that we understand it. There are also situations when, in the stream of creative thought, you did not pay attention to the fact that you set certain filters, and all this time you were looking with certain and, probably, very strict parameters. You can reset the filters yourself, or just click on the button we offer to restart the search, resetting all filters. If this does not help, then the only thing left is to write to us! We will definitely carefully double-check why the request did not work, and we will write back the reason for you and will try to fix everything as soon as possible.

We hope that this article will bring a little clarity in a situation when you can't find what you need. Therefore, use whenever it's possible all the improvements and tips that we have made specifically for your convenience, and the chances of successful work and an easy search for references will be much higher.

And once again, we are constantly working to improve all stages of the search, we see emerging problems and are trying to solve them. It will only get better from now on!