Jan 21, 2022 2 min read

For a broader understanding, it's internal tool, same with the mood boards, but a bit simpler.

What is a mood board? Roughly speaking, it's a design piece where you collect various screenshots, magazine clippings, any good visual examples and whatever you are used to. Obviously, this is not a storyboard, but rather a minimal version of it. You just put subjective styles and images that form a complete picture and give an understanding of how your project will look in the final.

Just in case, we have prepared two demo projects so that you have a general idea of ​​what it is and how it works. Previously, there were more of them, but this confused people and we removed excess projects. If you like the idea in general, you can contact our support and maybe we will consider extended examples again.

At the same time, you can collect completely different projects for yourself, regardless of your current job or clients idea. This is your personal knowledge base that you can always return to and rely on. Even if you unsubscribe from, the projects will remain.

What's also important, you can collect projects for different purposes. You can choose a beautiful compositional canvas by color or light, or pick interesting thematic solutions that fit your profile, or you can even simply collect random frames for your own inspiration, which will delight only you and no one else.

Getting inspiration for the overall styling of your video is a very useful step. Such moments that are thought out during preproduction are very important. You should never underestimate and neglect thorough preparation in preproduction, because according to various estimates, about 70% of the success of your work depends on it.

In addition, you can collect projects with locations, with some typical images of premises where you will shoot or would like to rent or which you are looking for your next project.

And most importantly, you can share your project with your team, with a client, with an interior decorator, with a gaffer and anyone else. You can put it on your website or in a portfolio as an example of the basis of a future storyboard.

It is convenient to download projects and share them. And it will be even more convenient when a public section appears in the our future releases, where you will be able to share your collected projects with the entire film industry, thereby inspiring others, increasing your own expertise and increasing the overall information presence of yourself as a professional or your production building a strong and comprehensive HR brand.