Jan 21, 2022 2 min read

This is an obvious and simple tool that allows you to stay in focus while looking for references and not waste your time even on good shots. You can skim through the frames for your search query and save only the ones you like so that you can revisit them later at any time.

You can see your favorite stills here in Profile > Likes

You can already see the most liked shots on the Explore page. This is great and very important, because sometimes it is difficult to imagine what to write in a search query so that beautiful shots appear in the search results. We will develop this area even more in 2021 and we will create a special section where you can see the most rated community selected shots, sorted by category, shot size, light, color and a dozen of other parameters.

Considering that we already have more than 150K frames in our database and the number is constantly increasing, it is very easy to lose a cool shot. But we will not allow this.

And we kindly ask you, on behalf of ourselves and the entire community, to like the stills you like as often as possible. If everyone pays even a little attention to this action, we can put together a huge base of gorgeous stills which will be useful for everyone. In the future, we will constantly improve the search results by using such frames so that the search results are always exactly the way you want to see it.

In addition, we are constantly improving AI algorithms. However, no matter how good a computer can resolve some issues, it won't do better than the human being. That is why the beautiful and a deep sense of aesthetics cannot be replaced by anything except you.